Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every year at my moms house on the last saturday before christmas. The riverdale fire department drives santa around usually on the back of the truck & he hands out candy canes. This year santa sat inside the fire truck,i think it was to cold out. But he waved to all the kids and there were two guys behind the truck handing out the candy canes. Megan did'nt see santa when he drove by so we had to drive down the street so she could see him.
Jace even got a candy cane and loved it, he freaked out when i took it from him.

Tayler & megan got a letter from santa in the mail yesterday, they thought it was so fun to listen to mommy read it to them.

okay so if anyone who reads this knows how to make my pictures not so spaced out from each other, please let me know. Thanks:)


Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Looks like you found the letters!!! Kids make Christmas the funnest. Oh, just put your cursor on the first line in the space you want to delete and hit delete until it brings up your next picture. Merry Christmas!!!

3Brownbears said...

How fun! Chanler got a letter from santa too.. I am not sure how but he did!! That is too fun! Just hit delete until your pic is where you want it..

Amy said...

I forgot about the good ol' Riverdale fire Santa, how fun. You are quite the Christmas crafter.