Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homemade Suckers!

Today Me and my sister kari & our daughters went to my moms house to make some yummy suckers. It is so messy, but fun and worth it in the end. The girls thought it was fun for a minute. There favorite part was at the end when they got to put them through the tape machine to seal the bags. I remember when i was little and my mom made suckers that sealing the bags was my favorite part too. These were the yummy flavors we used watermelon, grape, spearmint, pina coloda,cherry,cinnamon.These are the molds for the circle suckers.

Kari putting the sticks in the molds.

This was our finished product.

All of us girls - kari.

Poor jace was so tired this was how he fell asleep.


3Brownbears said...

How fun! My mom use to make those suckers when I was little too. They are the best suckers in the whole world!

Kristy said...

Where did you get your molds? I have been wanting to do homemade suckers all year but can't find any molds!

Min said...

Mmmm... love suckers! I need to go out and resume the hunt for cinnamon flavoring, love those molds! Where'd your mom get them?