Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ChRiStMaS tAg!

  1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? wrapping paper.
  2. Real tree or artificial? We have an artificial one that we bought when we got married. But next year we are getting a real one.
  3. When do you put up your tree? Usually the day after thanksgiving but we did two weeks early this year.
  4. When do you take your tree down? Usually the day or two after christmas.
  5. Do you like eggnog? Yes.
  6. Favorite gift as a child? I remember waking up one year and going down stairs and seeing my bike that i wanted.
  7. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes.
  8. Hardest person to buy for? Parents.
  9. Easiest person to buy for? My kids for sure.
  10. Mail or e-mail christmas cards? Mail.
  11. Worst christmas gift you ever recieved? Not sure i have one. YET.
  12. Favorite christmas movie? Home Alone, ELF.
  13. Have you ever recycled a gift. Yes.
  14. Favorite thing to eat at christmas time? All the YUMMY treats everyone brings us. Caremel, Homemade chocolates, cookies, etc.
  15. Clear or colored lights on the tree? Clear.
  16. Clear or colored lights on the house? Well ours are all blue of course. BYU.
  17. Favorite christmas song? Anyone that i hear my kids sing.
  18. Travel @ christmas time or stay home? Stay home with the family. Although i would love to take my kids to disneyland one year on christmas.
  19. Can you name all santas reindeer? Sure can.
  20. Open presents on christmas eve or christmas day? Christmas day. Just p.j.'s on christmas eve.
  21. Most annoying thing about this time of year? The traffic. I'm not a patient driver.
  22. Favorite ornament theme or color? No theme really just some cute ornaments i found at joannes last year.
  23. What do you want for christmas this year? I really want a new kitchen table. Mine stinks! But i know i'm getting a new comforter set for my room. cause i bought it on black friday.
  24. What is your favorite christmas memory? When i was really little not sure how old. My dad lost his job. And one night SANTA himself knocked on our door, he came in our house with his big toy bag and we all got to sit on his lap and get presents.

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