Friday, December 12, 2008

fun times!

This was as close as they were going to get to sitting on santas lap. Curt put the girls on the stage and they were freaking out. At the end we at least got them to get a little closer for a family photo but only becase they were in mommy and daddy's arms. Why are kids so afraid of the one person who basically gives them whatever they want?

Friday night we were invited to my sister karis ward party. We had a blast. We had a yummy dinner and then a special visiter showed up. Yep SANTA himself.My sister and her hubby are over putting together all the ward parties. They did such an awesome job.

Madison was so cute she kept moving to the back of the line. I guess she was trying to work up he courage to sit on his lap.
She really was the very last kid. I love you madi thanks for hanging out with us and sleeping over.

Jake was nice he let jace butt in front of him.

Jace was not sure what to think of this hairy man.But he did'nt cry. It's always fun seeing a kids reaction to seeing santa for the first time. Plus we did not have to pay the $15.00 dollars to sit on santas lap like you do at the mall.

Megan found a mic. and started singing. Man the twins are so fun lately all i have to do is turn on the radio and they just sing and DANCE forever.

Thanks agian kari and curt for a fun and yummy night love ya.

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Min said...

Yeah.. 15 bucks!? Ward parties are totally worth it!