Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me and some friends are doing a craft fair along with a bunch of other people. it's supposed to be pretty big. So if you need any christmas gifts or just some ideas come take a look. It's this saturday its up by the ogden regional hospital.
This is a christmas countdown that i made.

These are pretty cute we made them for an enrichment night you can interchange the paper inside to match any kitchen. You write on them with an eraseable marker.

My friends mom made these. There are so many cute things. I could'nt have taken a picture of everything.

Way cute tutu's

Hairbows, magnets,wood crafts, caramels, scrapbook stuff, frames, shelves, and SOO much more and thats only our booth.


CJ & Shalise said...

Kaycee!! I want some of those blocks!! Can i pay you to make me one since i cant make it to the fair??

jaclyn said...

i think you should do a give-away on your blog! :) yeah... a new blogging buddy! maybe we can get together with kari & make bows.