Friday, November 7, 2008


Jace turned 7 months on monday. Man how time flies. He is the best baby ever. Besides the cranky sadness this past week. He has three teeth breaking skin. I sure love this kid to peices.

Cousin madi. (Or should i say mommy madi) This girl sure loves this little boy.

And he sure loves the attention.

Funny story. So today at my friend christas house we were busy making some crafts. The three girls came hopping up the two flights of stairs, and tayler says mom look we are mermaids. They had both legs in one pant leg and siad the other one was the tail. Man they thought they were funny. It was cute. from left to right lauren, tayler& megan.


Cami said...

How creative and cute! Your kids are some of the cutest Ive seen. Jace is sooo adorable, I can't believe he is already cutting teeth. Dawson is 10 months old and has NOTHING!

kari said...

Oh little Jace. He is sooo loved by everyone, isn't he? You are right about Madi trying to be the mommy. She still is my baby to me and she acts so grown up sometimes. The mermaids were cute too, what imaginations those girls have.

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

I cant believe how big that boy is! it is crazy how time flies!! Those girls crack me up!! you are so lucky to have such great kids!!