Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a fun night we had at wolf creek. From left to right rachelle, baby kyra,jessica, christa, jenni, me liz and april

Look at these ladies gettin down. Jesssica teaches an african dance class.She was teaching the moves.

We had a YUMMY dinner liz made some homade sweet pork, we put that on some tortilla shells toppped it with cheese, lettuce and all those kind of good toppings.

Here we are crafting we only got maybe an hour in of that.

Man we had an awesome time. crafting, eating, hot tubing, eating, dancing, watching movies, playing games, eating. Man it's a good thing we danced so much, to work off all that junk We didn't go to bed til after 4. Well those of us who could stay awake. Thanks again ladies lets do it again really soon.

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3Brownbears said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Good for you to get away and have your own time!! ..