Monday, November 10, 2008


Daddy daughter date. Dustin took megan to the jazz game last week she had a blast. but kept saying how loud it was.

Dustin took tayler to the BYU game.

Me and dustin went to the jazz game it was an awesome game to be at the jazz won of course. And it was jerry sloans 1000 win.

Tayler got her second cast off. She was suppossed to get it off today but i took her in there on saturday because it stunk way to bad. And i was not going to take her to church with it smelling that bad.


kari said...

That's always fun when the dads can have some one on one time with their daughters. That's so cute, but like Curt said he would have appreciated the games with Dustin more then the girls, lol. I am glad you two got to have some time alone at the Jazz game. I like that photo of you and Dust. Glad that Tay was able to get the cast off, i guess i never got close enough to smell the gross smell.

CJ & Shalise said...

Well I got close enough to smell it and it was wicked lol. I love the cute pics of the girls on their daddy daughter dates one at the Jazz game the other at BYU. Makes you realize how big they're getting to do that =) I love your family sis, you're so blessed =)