Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FuN DaYs Of PrEsChOoL

Tayler and megan love preschool so much. This was the first time in three weeks they were both able to go cause one of them have been sick. The picture that meg is holding is the picture she drew for her teacher.

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Jones said...

Hey Kaycee! How are you?? I'm so happy you found me on here. . .I am a bit blog illiterate and am bad about keeping up on blogging and writing back...Anyways... gosh look at your GORGEOUS family! You guys are all so so so adorable. I think you should have about ten kids cuz they are all so stinkin' CUTE! Well I hope things are well for you guys! Keep in touch on here (and have patience with me if I don't answer you back right away lol)