Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

What a beautiful day last Monday was to go visit our loved ones graves.
We started by visiting grandma & grandpa Murray's graves in Ogden, man it was so pretty up there with all the gorgeous flowers.
We then headed to Farr's for some ice cream, i can't get enough black licorice ice cream:)
After some ice cream we then headed to great grandpa & grandma Dances graves.
We usually take flowers but this time the girls wanted to take balloons so i bought some and let the kids decorate them, they loved it.

When we were visiting Grandpa & Grandma Dance's graves Jace saw a tractor and couldn't stop staring at it. So this cute, nice little old man (not in picture) came over to Jace and said does he want to come over and sit on my tractor, Jace was being shy and would not get on it but sure watched all amazed forever. This old man was digging his own brother in laws grave, he & his sons own a business digging graves. We talked to them for a bit and headed out for lunch at the park
Then we headed to visit grandpa Thompson's grave.

Tayler used her tooth fairy money and bought her and Megan an ice cream from the ice cream man that happened to be driving past the park.

This toy spins around, it was so funny to watch them get so dizzy:)
My cute kiddos
When we got home from the park daddy decided to play in the water with the kids, they played in the sprinklers and jumped on the tramp. What a fun daddy my kids have.

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