Saturday, June 26, 2010

Backstreets Back Alright!!!

Wednesday night me & Dustin went to the backstreet Boys concert. When i found out they were coming to town i told Dustin i wanted to go, well he got us tickets and and they were awesome.
Before we headed to the concert we stopped at the Gateway and got some dinner, i chose Apple bees out of all the places to eat:) Okay so as soon as we got there and found our seats Dustin said look who it is, it was A.J. (he was always my favorite) lol. He looked at me and i said" hi, how's it going? and said hi back. Dustin said get a picture i couldn't get it out fast enough, i think i was a little star struck he he. As he was walking out he gave a little peace out :)

Dustin wore his shirt from back in the day.
This was a picture from where our seat were they were awesome.
For the opening they had this D.J. guy it was pretty cool, then about after 30 minutes everyone started chanting " Backstreet Boys" Backstreet Boys" I felt kinda bad for the guy. Come to find out it was the bcakstreet boys d.j.he played all there instruments throughout the show, he was pretty darn talented.
The way they came out was sweet, the white screen that is behind them was playing a video of them and then all the sudden they walked through it.

I had such an awesome night, it brought back so many memories of when i went to see them like 15 years ago:) Honey thanks for a night of fun love ya.


Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

How fun! What a cute date! Applebee's?! I know how to get there. LOL! Glad you guys were able to get out and have a fun time!

Mindy said...

How fun! Dustin is quite the sweetie to do that with you.