Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have so much to post about and no time to do it. I am so tired lately and don't know what my deal is,all i want to do is sleep..NO I'm not preggers:) I am going to try and post a few at a time and get caught up, my camera is being DUMB it's driving me bonkers.
Daddy's Work party
Dustin's work rented out the Roy aquatic center on Friday night. Dustin was busy and i was feeling CRAZY and took all 3 kids by myself, we had a fun time. It was nice that it was not busy and the kids could do there own thing and i didn't go nut's chasing them around wondering where each one was.

Jace wanted mommy's Popsicle and his
Finger licking good

U Days

Last week me & the kids went with my sister Kari her kids and my little sister Karly, Nate & Brevyn to the uintah days carnival and fireworks.
What kind of carnival would it be without a face painting:)
So Nate's Grandma has this tractor in front of her house & Jace LOVED sitting on it, he would not get off.
Look at that happy face
So as we were walking from the carnival to Nate's parents house to wait for the fireworks to start we ran into our neighbors who just moved, they were hanging out at their grandmas house which is like 4 houses down. My kids sure miss these cute kids.
Waiting for the fireworks to start

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