Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A = Applebees

Tayler & Megan got a free kids meal to Apple bees at the end of school for doing such great work so Monday i thought i would take them to reward them for there hard work.
Well we should have little brother home, he was a STINKER!!

When they brought me out my Diet Coke with a lime on the side Jace thought it was an apple, i kept saying it's not an apple but he was not believing me so i gave it to him and he tried to take a bite. Man i should have had my camera out then:) So i think our waiter over heard me telling Jace that it was not an apple and brought him out his very own bowl of cut up apples.
The girls also got a free kids meal to Famous Dave's, i think we will be leaving bubba home with a sitter, or daddy lol.

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Mindy said...

what a nice waiter!! love those free kids meals..