Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our sunday drive to Snow Basin

Today we decided to take a drive up through the mountains to snow basin, we do this every year to the same place. This year we went a little earlier than we usually do but it was perfect.
The drive was so Beautiful up & down.
I love this time of year. The fresh air, the cool breeze, the smell of fall.

There was a bridge with a little pond under it jace loved it.

This is Jace's new smile =)
Jace LoVeS to be outside, he was like in heaven up there in the dirt & rocks

I love, love seeing the leaves change colors, it was really fun cause the girls just learned about fall last week at school so they loved everything.
Dustin took the girls on this trail and me and jace sat there and waited, well about 15 minutes later i saw them come out clear down by where we parked, they said it was so fun.

Jace throwing rocks in the pond.
Jace loves buses, he loves waiting for his sisters everyday as they get off the bus. Well he saw this bus and had to take a look.
There was a band playing outside while we were there, never heard of them but there were a lot of people there to see them. Me and the girls went into the lodge to use the little girls room before heading home, and while we were up there we saw that they had the gondolas running how fun would that be to see the colorful leaves while on a ride up the mountain. Can't wait to go up again and hopefully we will again before fall is over.
When we were pulling out of the parking lot there were these two random cows just eating grass in the parking lot, we rolled down the windows and the kids thought it was so neat to see them so close.
Did i mention i love this time of year? :)


Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

I love fall too! I wish it would last longer. So many yummy smells and goodies. It is the best!

Rachel said...

How fun! The pictures of the view are so pretty and i love the one of all the kids. I would totally be happy if Fall lasted for half of the year, and the other half Summer. No winter!

Ash said...

Sooo pretty! I didn't know the leaves had already started changing. I better get up there soon. Last year we went then next weekend it snowed. Crazy Utah!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so pretty! how the pics!

Mindy said...

Gorgeous pics!! What a great Sunday activity..