Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching up!

Lots to post! Dustin was out of town for 5 days with his laptop so i didn't have a computer for five days. So everyone who knows me knows that i post a lot so here goes. Dustin and our neighbor went to Dallas to watch the BYU vs. Oklahoma University game, in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

They got to go through the day before to look around.
Dustin & John
Dustin & John had different flights on the way home. And guess who was on Johns plane that's right BYU quarter back Max Hall. Lucky John :)
Meanwhile back at home....... We went to the library. It was silly day, we read silly Sally & made silly hats.
Sadly later that day i had to take the girls to get a shot, we were told they were up to date on their shots. Well into the first week of school we got a call from the school saying they are short a shot, nice that they wait til now since they have had there records since February. The girls were not happy at all, when they had there kindergarten check ups and shots they did great, but not this time for just one shot it took me and the nurse to hold each of them down.
The other morning i was laying in bed and Megan was screaming there is a hot air balloon outside i thought ya right, so i looked out my window and sure enough there was. I got jace and we all headed outside to take a look, all the kids waiting at the bus stop were yelling "hello" to the people aboard the balloon.

As it passed over the neighbors house across the street it started to get lower so the girls said "can we go see it mom?" so we jumped in the car and followed the balloon, along with everyone else :)
It landed not to far away from our house so we watched it land then headed home. Standard Examiner sure knows how to advertise ;)
I burnt my finger OUCH!
Jace doing lots of this
and lots of alone time with bubba

We took the kids to Artic Circle, what a way to finish off the first week of school.
Jace & Kyra flirting :)
this kid LOVES Artic Circle's courtesy cones
and more school. Megan got off the school bus and ran in the house as i was still standing outside talking to a neighbor well Megan locked the front door behind her when she went in, then when she came out the garage she locked that door behind her too so we were locked out meanwhile Jace was asleep inside. I kinda freaked out, but thanks to my neighbor Kim she helped me out i finally got through a window screen and the window was cracked open.
Working on stuff for the upcoming boutique in October.

and to finish off our long week Monday night we went out to dinner at Red Robin for a little early birthday dinner for myself since my hubby will be working all day on Thursday :(
Check out Jace's BIG ouchy on his head he biffed it big time on the side walk Saturday night poor kid it's the second time in 4 days that he has got hurt pretty bad. (ha ha i just noticed his arm, it looks funky)
And since it was my birthday dinner i of course had me some most delicious Mudd Pie. The kids sure loved it!
I am sure happy to have my honey home. We had a fun week keeping busy but it's just not the same without him around :)


Mindi D said...

Lots of fun things going on!! I am super jealous of Dustin but more jealous of his friend, i have never thought Max was cute but in that picture he looks it!! Those skirts you are making are adorable! What craft show are you doing?

LeLe said...

Happy birthday girl!! And what boutique? When? Where? Give me the details!!!

Mindy said...

I've missed ya!! So glad to see you back. ;)
Can't wait for things to slow down enough in both of our little worlds so we can play again!!

CJ & Shalise said...

I cant believe Dust was able to go to the game, and didn't think to invite me =( That would have been such a fun game to be at, how cool. I cant believe how big your kids are getting it's crazy! Love you guys so much!

Josh and Tausha said...

Let me know about your cute boutique! Hopefully you'll have stuff to fit Abigail!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so busy and so fun! love the pics! yes tell me about this boutique!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Cute pictures! You guys are always doing such fun things. I can't remember what day your birthday is for sure. I feel horrible! I know it's around my dads which is tomorrow. You'd think after all these years I'd remember. We should get together. You were so sweet to me on my birthday and I'd love to return the favor! Have you worked on your blog book yet? And congrats for Karly! That is crazy!