Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What troopers!

Tonight Tayler & Megan had their soccer pictures and their second soccer game. I can't believe they do not cancel them when it is like this outside. But it was so much fun watching them, even though they were absolutely freezing. Poor things:(
This was the girls before the game . Before we got them all bundled up.

Don't they look warm:) There soccer coach said they looked like they were ready to play hockey
Tayler in the green hat running after the ball.
Megan wanting the game to just be over.
Thanks Kari for taking Jace so i didn't have to have him in this cold weather.


Mindi D said...

We need to sign Koy up wherever you guys play! They cancel his games if it even looks cold, it's so annoying!! He gets so bummed when they cancel. Hello, we live in Utah not Arizona. We can handle a little rain!! Anyway now that i'm done venting..they look way cute and i bet they had a blast!!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

The weather just downright ticks me off! Your poor girlies in the pooring rain....they are super troopers! Not to mention how dang cute they are in their uniforms!

Misty said...

That is so cute! They remind me of the Marshmallow man.

kari said...

I was glad to take Jace, he is always such a good boy. The girls look so cute, they linda do look like they are ready for hockey. I guess thats one good thing about there uniforms being so big. I can't wait til i can come watch them play.

Lindsay said...

I feel so bad for these kids playing in the freezing cold weather. Hopefully it gets warmer. We played on field #3 and Parker didn't want to play at first because he said it was the "girls" field....funny kid.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

They do look warm! What a cute family home evening idea too. I'll have to find out more about it and do it with my family. Love the Easter pictures! I'm sad it's over!