Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter fun! WARNING.... waaaay long post!

This morning we woke up and let the kids find their Easter baskets. Then got ready and headed down to the Ogden tabernacle for stake conference. Man i thought it was hard to have three kids and my self ready by 9a.m. for church that's just down the road but to have us all ready and to the tabernacle by 9 was a joke. Then to try and entertain three kids for two hours while daddy sits on the stand the whole time was not so fun. But at the end it was all worth it. This was the only picture that i got all day of all three of my kids together.
Silly girls
Jace playing with the his toys the Easter bunny brought him
Tay & Meg showing off there new outfits
Tayler flying her Hannah Montana kite
Meg flying her Hannah Montana Kite

Tay, Madi, Jake & Meg holding there cute baskets grandma made them

Megan filling her bag

Tayler with her eggs
The three divas
Megan was so excited to find money in her eggs
We had everyone over to our house tonight for dinner & a Easter egg hunt. The guys played a little b ball
Hope your okay Nate :) :)
Tayler giving her little cousin Ellie a hug. Only 12 weeks to go shalise and cute little Ellie will be here:)
Saturday morning we took the kids to the Clinton City Easter egg hunt, the kids had fun. Tayler saw the Easter bunny and ran up to him/her? And wanted her picture taken with the Easter bunny she does not look to happy in this picture for some reason.

waiting to run out on the field and get some eggs
Daddy took the girls to the field their age group was at, and i took jace to his age. there was a huge sucker right in front of jace that he could not take his eye off of , it ended up in his bag before the horn even blew to began the hunt.
They got so much stuff, and as we were leaving the fireman said come get some more eggs we have tons so they filled Tayler & Megan's baskets all the up.( not that they needed anymore candy) But it was way nice of the fireman.
Jace trying to get into his sucker

Friday night me and my two sisters and Tayler, Megan & Madison went to the new Hannah Montana movie it was a cute show.

This is my girls being stinkers after the movie was over. They didn't want to go home and they wanted me to carry them.( they are almost 5)

On Friday Kari and her kids came over to dye Easter eggs with us.
Madison & Tayler
Tayler Dyeing her eggs
Megan with her pretty eggs. It was funny Megan kept watching everyone doing their eggs and i had to keep telling her to start dyeing hers
This was every ones eggs after we were all done. I sure miss being a kid and doing all this fun stuff myself, although i did dye a few of my own.

So these are not the best pictures of jace walking i could not get one of him before he would fall. But he is pretty much walking around everywhere if he could only push himself up to the standing position.
I just had to post this picture. Megan was watching a movie in my room and when me & Dustin went in to go to bed this is what we saw:))
Another funny picture i love is this one of jace sleeping this is his new way of sleeping. Me and Dustin find him this way all the time lately.

Well if anyone is still reading this i hope you had a great Easter like us. We are so grateful for the atonement and for our heavenly father and for all the sacrifices he made for us.


Kristy said...

It is sad in a way not to be kids anymore, everything was better. Your girls are too cute I bet they love having each other. Twins would be so fun! We for sure need to get together and catch up and let the boys play.

kari said...

It was a great day and i think that everyone had a great time at your place. Thanks for the good food and for putting together the egg hunt. If Meg's face was that covered in chocolate i wonder what your bedspread looked like. lol Thanks for all you do for us!

Mindy said...

What a fun post!! My girls are begging me to go see Hannah Montana.. I love all the fun Easter stuff! The sleeping pics crack me up!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the girls new outfit, so so cute! That's awesome that Jace is walking...Dre has those same pajamas!

Ohana Mama said...

Waaay fun even if it was long! We decided to have our Easter Bunny come Sat. morning because of Stake Conference. it worked out better.

I will have to see Jace in action walking too cute.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

what a great easter! yes we will have to get together when we move in!!!