Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Family Night

Tonight for family home evening we had a great lesson. My friend April brought us over this wonderful lesson. We were going to do it on Easter but it was a busy day, so we decided to do it tonight i had all intentions of doing this last Monday when i saw it on a blog but never got around to it, so when April showed up on my door step with it we were so excited. If any of you have not done this lesson with your kids i suggest you do sometime. It could be a lesson for anytime but it fit right in for Easter. It's about Resurrection. My kids loved it, give it a try This was our Yummy dessert that i made. Some strawberry shortcake.


Rachel said...

I will have to get both the lesson an dessert recipe from you :)

Misty said...

Way to fun!! You are such a cute mom!! I'm all about a GNO!! Any night is fine for me just let me know.

Ohana Mama said...

I am glad you love it! The dessert is what I am loving LOL!