Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scraps Of Simplicity

This is the Boutique that me and my friends will be participating in this weekend. There are a ton of vender's and lots of way cute stuff. GREAT MOTHERS DAY GIFTS!

These are some of the blocks that i have made

These are a few things that my friend Christa made, way cute watermelons for your door or ones that stand up, flowers to hang on your door or stand up ones.

Jar -o- cards, and little girl purses

This is one of the sets of blocks that my friend Rachell has made. Some of her blocks are double sided with two different words.

These are also the benches that my friend makes. This one comes with interchangeable shapes to change in and out on the bench. She can also do custom orders with names on them or anything you want.

I forgot to take a picture of her Americana one it is so dang cute.


Mindy said...

cute stuff!!!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

So cute! That sounds like so much fun!

Lindsay said...

Looks like a lot of cute stuff. I love that picture of your kids on the bridge.

Bryce and Whitney said...

I love all of it! I am looking for stuff to decorate my next little girls room. Do you know of any really cute lady bug (black, red, white) stuff? I would love to make some purchases! Email me at