Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is taylers second cast in four months. In july she broke two bones in her right arm, her elbow and in her wrist. This time its her left wrist two bones again. she broke the first one in july by falling off the kitchen stool. This time she was at a ward outing and fell from the top of one of those fire man poles.
When the nurse started cutting off taylers cast she said oh theres that YUMMY cast smell. oh man it stunk bad.

the nurses kept telling tayler that she was so tough cause they could not get the cast off. They had to have the Dr. come in and get it off.

This is what poor jace thought of the REALLY loud drill.

Look at that dang cute face

Tayler kept laughing and when i asked her what was so funny, she said it feels so weird mom.

Tayler could finally smell what i have been smelling for weeks.

So tayler had to get a new cast but at least it was a shorter one, so she could bend her arm.


Briana said...

Sure.....she fell off the kitchen stool....uh-huh. j/k:) She was in pretty good spirits for having a broken arm.

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

she is such a tough chick!! i love the one of her smelling the cast!! ha ha

anne jachim said...

oh boy, a new one! i was hoping that was it for her. Kaycee, she gets one more cast and the health dept. is gonna come visit you! ha
What a big girl she is to be so good each time. stinky tay!!