Friday, October 24, 2008


So if you know dustin, you know why i was laughing at this picture. cause it looks! We went to frightmares at lagoon tonight it was way fun, but way way cold. The girls had a blast but everytime we go to lagoon there favorite part is to watch the singers and dancers on stage. they love that show tonights show was different because its frightmares. the first song was so loud and they were dressed up scary and all had chain saws tayler and megan were scared,but no more than daddy was. But the next couple of songs were good and megan said the girls looked pretty now..

i told her to smile, but she takes after her dad


tater bug

Jace was so good he just layed there all bundled up,then fell asleep during the noisey show.

this was the girls favorite ride, as you can see in the background daddy's too.


Misty said...

That picture of Dustin is really funny! We should take our kids to frightmares that looks really fun.

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

ha ha ha that picture of Dustin kills me!! It looks like you guys had so much fun :)

anne jachim said...

oh kaycee i have not laughed that hard for a long time!!! that is hysterical. does dd think its as funny as we do? looked like they all had a good time. i hate lagoon and haunted houses so....

oh, my belly hurts--funny, funny

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

First of all I love that pic of good old Dust, haha me and Lise had a good laugh. And secondly I cannot believe how big your girls are getting!!! And thirdly Jace is such a freakin cute little boy!