Thursday, October 30, 2008


The kids had a blast carving pumpkins, there was pumpkin guts EVERYWHERE. But man it was worth it in the end to see the smiles on there faces when they saw there finished master pecies.

this is taylers blues clue pumpkin This is jakes skeleton pumpkin

Madisons pumpkin is a cute bat. Megans is spongebob square pants.

This picture is a little blury, But it works.

i thought this picture was so funny of meg


Cami said...

Looks so much fun, I cant believe how LONG your little girls hair is! THey are both sooo cute, I just want to pick them up and squeeze them.

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

I love Megs glasses lol, that mad me laugh so hard haha. I like your pumpkin carving, you guys did a good job! Looks fun, we didn't even do it this year =(