Wednesday, October 29, 2008


These are two of my best friends, Ashley & lisa.
they are my lunch buddies, we meet at mcdonalds or wherever, to let the kids run around and we can chit chat. thanks for the good times girls.

Well this was the first time that i have put little jace in the cart without being in his carseat. He only stayed awake for about ten minutes then he was out.


Lisa said...

He is so adorable! My kids and I have a blast hanging out with you guys. I'm glad the kids are such good friends too.

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

Bubba is the cutest little boy i have ever seen!

CJ & Shalise Kelson said...

I freakin love that little boy! He's so cute, that's such a funny pic, him just out asleep leaning over in the shopping cart haha. I hope I have a little boy just like him!