Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of 2nd grade!!!

WOW!!! Where have the last 7 years gone. i can not believe my girls are in 2nd grade.

They were so excited that they had a REALLY hard time falling to sleep the night before. Sunday night the girls got to choose what they wanted for dinner, Shepard's pie it was. Then daddy gave the kids wonderful blessings before their big first day of school.

Tayler and Megan got Mrs. Hancock & Mrs. Wilkinson, they are team teachers and i have heard nothing but the best about them both. Tayler loves that they base everything on sports, they have them in groups and each group is a sports team. They have a MVP each week, so excited to see all the fun things the girls do & learn this year.

I think this is the only school outfit they got that are the same lol.

The teacher gifts!!

Tayler at her table

Megan at her table

Tayler & Megan i love you so much, i know you will both do your best!!


Lindsay said...

Your girls are so cute! I sort of wanted to steal Megan's backpack and matching lunch bag...lol!

Shayla Edwards said...

They look so cute! I love their outfits, so stylish for 7 yr olds :) I can't believe they are 7 too, I was their sunbeam teacher! They are adorable though!

hoLLY said...

wow!! they are adorable!!! and what adorable teacher gifts!!

Ash said...

Your so awesome with your craft ideas! I love that teachers gift. I might just steal it from ya. :) Love that first pic of the girls with Jace, he looks like their big brother the way you have him standing higher. Sooo cute! Jessica was talking about those team teachers. Sounds awesome! Hope it's a wonderful school year!!! (: