Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had to write this down before i forgot.

We teach our kids about prayer, how to pray, when to pray and where to pray. I am so thankful for the power of prayer. Last week as we were getting ready for church i told Megan to go get her shoes on, well she kept saying she could only find one shoe. I just kept saying " keep looking"

She left the room and i kept getting the other kids and myself ready, when it was time to leave and we were walking out the door she said " i still can't find my shoe mom" so i got a little mad but went to help look for it. Couldn't find it anywhere, i know i should have had her put some other shoes on but lets face it she's a girl and those shoes matched that exact outfit. So Dustin said "I'm taking tayler and jace and I'll meet you there". (We have to drive separately anyways due to his calling)

So me and meg kept looking, shortly after she came out of her room and said " i found it mom" i said " where was it" it was in a place her and i swore we had already looked. Well we got into the car and were driving to church and meg says " mom when i couldn't find my shoe i went in my room and said a prayer that i would find my shoe, and i did" I got a little teary eyed and she just smiled. I love when heavenly father answers prayers, even little ones about a little lost shoe.

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Pamla Barrett said...

your little story gave me goosebumps! I love seeing mine and hearing of others kids learning the gospel and the power of it all. Thanks for sharing!