Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy but fun weekend!!

This weekend went by so fast, it's true time flies when your having fun. On Friday we were lucky and got to Park city and spend the day with Dustin's boss his wife & a few other people. Dustin's boss is moving to Seattle so it was kinda like a goodbye gift. We started off by eating lunch at This YUMMY restaurant called Zoom. Apparently Robert Redford owns the joint. It was so nice, we just sat on the back patio and ate our lunch.
We all shared 3 different appetizers but this was my favorite.
Spicy Buffalo Onion Rings

I got the Santa Fe Salad

And Dustin got the ribs

After that we headed up to ride the Alpine slide, Alpine Coaster and zip line. We had to head over to the outlets to get some school shopping in for the kids before it was time to get home to the kids so me and Dustin didn't get to ride the zip line.

Dustin getting ready to ride down the alpine coaster. I was in front of him going down and told him not to ride to close behind me cause i thought i was going to be a scardy cat but it was a blast and i only braked once going around a corner. That is one fun ride!!

Dustin going up

Zip line

Later that night my brother and sister in law invited us up for a movie under the stars. It was so fun, they had invited some friends & neighbors so there were a ton of kids my kids ages. The kids jumped on the trampoline, kicked the ball, and we all watched Rio.

We of course had tons of yummy treats, Popsicles, licorice, muddy buddy, etc. and i made this popcorn. Pink = Strawberry and Blue= coconut

Jace made a friend right away, they were both 3 and both were total Blondie's.

The next day was our annual Kelson family reunion.

Brileigh, lexi, Sage, Madi & Jace

Meg magoo

Ellie, Jace & Madi

My grandma made a game for the kids. You were timed and had to see who could get the all the gumballs down to the bottom. Jake got the fastest time 12 sec. and Jace got the slowest over a minute something.

I love these two kiddos. Ellie loves bubba she follows him everywhere. They totally look like siblings:)

Only One more week til school starts, hopefully we can get a few more fun things fit in this week.

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