Sunday, September 18, 2011

32 ouch!!!

Well last weekend i turned 32 and to be completely honest it was hard. I have never felt different on any other birthday but this year was different. I know the reasoning for feeling bad about it is because I'm not happy about myself. The way i look and feel, so hopefully by this time next year it's a different story. So anyways enough about that lol. I Have been a huge fan of the Daily Dish & Good things Utah for many years, and this year i got to go see the taping of both shows with my bestie.
After the show and being able to visit with those sweet ladies minus Reagan who was out of town booooo!!! We went to lunch at Dairy Queen and Jessica snuck this picture of me while she was supposedly looking at the pictures on my camera.

So i got a blackmail picture of her lol.

Later that night i was so lucky and got to go on a hot date with my hubby to the Rascal Flatts Concert. Thanks to a sweet friend who gave me her tickets in exchange for movie tickets for her and her hubby, Awesome exchange right!! Thanks cami:)

Me and dust being silly.

Sarah Evans opened for Rascal flatts. I love her music, she is amazing i can't believe she has 7 kids.

Saturday was my actual birthday and my hubby and kids spoiled me. They got me flowers, cake & ice cream and money to go shopping at a boutique that happened to be on my birthday.

My wonderful sister kari took my kids friday night while we went to the concert and she even kept the kids overnight. The next morning when she brought them home, she brought them with balloons and diet coke:)


Ash said...

You and Jessica are seriously the funnest couple of gals I know! Your both so exciting to be around. I get all happy about life after talking to either of you cause ya both make me laugh.:) And seriously I think you look great! So what if your no Victoria secret model, you know how to have an awesome time and party like a rock star and in my book that's a waaaay better thing to posses. But, if ya don't feel good then that does suck. So, I hope this year brings ya good health and lots of happiness. Happy Birthday to the giving, creative, good lookin, coolest mama in town Kaycee Dance! :)

kdance10 said...

Ash your seriously a sweetheart!! You make me feel the same way, your a blast to be around.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Kaycee! Happy Birthday to you!!

So glad you had a good birthday!! You deserve it!!

We need to get together for another GNO soon! Let me know if there's a night that works for you and what would be fun. I miss hangin' with you! Oh, the old bopsy twin days. lol!! You are seriously so fun and make me laugh the whole time!!

Pamla Barrett said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!! :) Cheers to your happy, healthy year! I know exactly what you mean!!! HAPpY BIRTHDAY friend!

Shayla Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Kaycee! I think you are one gorgeous hot 32 year old! Im glad you got to go see Rascal Flatts! SO jealous!

Mindy said...

sounds like a fun birthday, well spent!