Monday, September 26, 2011

Dresser makeover

I was looking for a dresser for jace's room because we were still using the changing table\dresser as his dresser but it only had one drawer. Well my wonderful aunt had this old dresser and bookshelf that she let me have. It has been sitting in my garage for a couple months now, so i finally got some free time to do it.


I don't know why it looks really streaky in this picture

The book shelf before.


So if you can tell in the picture with the finished dresser, it's not in jace's room i ended up putting them both in my room because he didn't have room for both in his room. And he got my dresser:)


Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Kaycee you are so talented!! I wish I had your knack for things like that! :)

Shayla Edwards said...

Super cute!! Love them both:)

Mindy said...

i love the look!! amazing.

Sherice said...

Way to go girly~ looks awesome! Those projects always feel so good when you are done:) and I love the color you chose! Way to go!