Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today we decided to take the kids to frightmares. It was a lot of fun i haven't been to frightmares since i was a teenager.

The kids thought this part was the best, it was called spook-a-boo its a little area set up where the kids bumper cars usually is. You got a bag at the beginning and went from room to room and each room had a theme. There was a Alice and wonderland room, a pirate room, Egyptian room, jungle, princess room and in each room they gave you a treat or a toy that had to do with that theme. Windy the witch and her friends
The funhouse of fear, they loved the outside but not so much the inside. They rate the scariness of the houses by spiders so this one was a 3 spider and we thought it would be fine, but we had a cryer & it wasn't my baby lol. It kinda scares me to take megan into these kind of things because of her heart, she was freaked!!!! So after that we didn't dare try the 4(Deception) or 5 spider(Lockdown) we wanted to go into Psycho Dave's salvage yard that was only 2 spiders but it didn't open til 5 and we had to get home so dad could get to the priesthood session.

This picture cracks me up :)

I think we found what dustin is going to be for Halloween


Mindy said...

the spook-a-boo is my girls' favorite too.. we love frightmares!

hoLLY said...

so fun!!!
ps love you dresser redo's!! it lloks fab!