Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jack's Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we took the kids to the jacks pumpkin patch in farmington. We have been going here for the past couple of years and love it.

For some reason Jace's eyes were closed in every picture

Each of the kids picked a tiny pumpkin and a normal size pumpkin. They were totally content with the small ones, in fact that's all they wanted but i made them get a bigger one cause they cant carve a tiny one. And that's one of my favorite traditions, carving pumpkins.

After picking the perfect pumpkins we headed over to lagoon for some fun.

I love this time of year!!!


hoLLY said...

so fun!! i two love this time of the year!!

Ash said...

Where would this Jacks pumpkin patch be located? I'm trying to find an affordable patch to visit that would be fun for the kids. Do they take ya on a Hay ride or make ya walk to the patch? :)