Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Stars!!

Halloween morning we went to Good things Utah, my kids were on the show and tayler said "mom we are like super stars now" lol. I surprised the kids by taking them there, they were so excited when we got here and i told them they were going to be on the show. They did a costume parade on the show and had the kids walk on set, and then later they interviewed them and asked them their names and such.

Then after the show we got a few pictures.
It was so funny neicea was dressed up as Justin Beiber and Angie was Selena Gomez and the guest co host was a crazy fan.

Later that night we went out to my cousins house in kaysville and had a fun dinner, she made a witches brew( Root beer) and all the kids had so much fun. Then after dinner we went out trick or treating.

Tayler-Alice in Wonderland, Meg- Bat women, Jace- Batman, Brev-Vampire, Madi- Punky Brewster and jake and zach not sure exactly what they are robbers??? lol. All i know is that they scored in that neighborhood they had to come back and unload their bags cause they were too heavy:) Those are my kinda kids, i miss being a kid.

Getting ready to leave

Tayler, Megan, Brielle & Jace jumping before dinner. Man i wish Halloween was this warm more often.

Madi & caitlyn

Sage the cutest little skunk i have ever seen:)

Brielle & Bubba

We had such a great Halloween this year, the weather couldn't have been better and neither could have the company. Thanks again Kirsten for putting it together and letting us hang out at your house.

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Sherice said...

So cute! They are famous for sure:) Looks like an amazing Halloween, and I miss being a kid too:) You are such a sweetheart.