Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney On Ice 2011

I took the kiddos to Disney on Ice last Saturday. They had a blast as usual, they loved all the new characters. Meg bug

Tay bug brushing her hair with her Dinglehopper
These pictures are not the best cause they were taken with my crappy phone.

Jace decided to walk back to sit with aunt kari while we were all standing in line for a snack and i had no clue and turned around and he was gone. I had security looking for him for 10 minutes worst & longest 10 minutes of my life. He told kari i had sent him to sit with her while i got him a treat, little stinker.

My two sisters were there also and their babies.

Thanks karly for all the great pictures. My stinking camera broke.7 dwarfs

Alice in Wonderland

The Incredibles

Captain Hook & Peter pan


Rapunzel & Flinn Ryder

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