Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soda Springs\Blackfoot Idaho

My grandparents and aunt and uncle have a cabin up in black foot Idaho, and every year we have a family reunion up there. We left on Thursday and came home Sunday, it was so hard to come back home to real life after a long weekend of fun.

We went up a day before everyone, we helped my grandpa get the boat and the jet skis down to the dock.

My grandpa just turned 80, he such an amazing person. He can't sit still he is always doing something.

My kids loved riding the jet skis down to the dock

My kids favorite part of the trip, the four wheelers. Mine too.

The double bike.

Sitting around the campfire eating chips.


The annual water balloon fight.

The water balloon my brother in law is holding is the one that got me soaked:)

So funny story, it was my cousins little boys 1st birthday while there, and all the kids thought it was funny to get into this bag. Jace just kinda looks creepy to me lol.

Clint and brayden riding the peddle boat, the guys took turns giving the kids rides.

Brielle & Jace

The family photo op time, we took individual family pictures, grand kids, great grand kids, and a group shot.

Grandpa & Grandma Kelson

Most of the great grand babies.

Most of the grand kids.

My nephew brayden was the biggest sport and took my kids for rides again & again.

It was mine and dustin's 8th year anniversary on the 15th, we didnt really get to do anything so maybe an iou is due.
On our way home we drove past the new temple being built in Brigham city. We have driven by a couple times, it's so neat to see it's process my kids thought it was so cool.


Ash said...

Kaycee! That's just so insane! My families land is like 30 minutes from Soda. I have family in Soda. If you've ever heard of "Ceder bay" in Henry, that's us! You have so many of the same things as us too. Paddle boat, jet skies, 4 wheelers. That's so funny to me:) We drove past the Brigham Temple too only I'm not as smart as you and I couldn't figure out why some of the windows were missing. I thought it was the Logan Temple and some big disaster happened that I missed hearing about. Good think you've got smarts to clear up my dumbness. :)

Mindy said...

i wouldn't want to come home either!! those pix of all those great-grandbabies are too sweet.. i am just still in shock at how old jace looks...