Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's off

Well last Friday Tayler had a dr's apt. to see if she would be getting her cast off. Well after they cut the cast off and an xray they decided she didn't need to get another cast on. Personally i was a little nervous cause it has only been 3 weeks, and for it being such a bad break that they thought that she might need surgery i thought it was soon to be getting it off for good.

When she broke her other arm same bone last time she had it casted for 6 weeks.

But i know I'm no Dr. and that hopefully he knew best.

She told me the morning of that she was so nervous, i said don't be nervous it won't hurt, She said I'm nervous it will stink mom lol.

Jace thought it was cool to sit up close and be in on the action.

Well tayler had her cast off for 4 days and i was getting a little worried because her arm is really cricked, when she tries to straighten it, it won't all the way. So i called and made an apt. for the next day, we went in and paid a dumb copay for him to seriously look at it for 20 seconds. He said come back next week and if it looks the same we will schedule physical therapy. I was not really happy when i left there, i just hope it's okay and they don't end up having to do anything.

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Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I sure hope Tayler's arm heals well and she doesn't need physical therapy! Keep us posted!

And thanks for coming to our baptism last weekend. You're the best! I'm so lucky to have you for a friend! We need to get together for a GNO. We seriously need to plan it. Soon... :)