Sunday, July 24, 2011

4th of July Festivities

Every year it's the same schedule on the 4th. We start the morning off at the Riverdale parade, then follow the parade to the park for games, and socializing.

The kids dressed in their red, white & blue.

My mom lives the street over from the parade so we just park at her house to avoid all the traffic. This picture cracks me up, check out Megan's face....what a grouch lol..
We lay out blankets the day before, and this year my brother hooked us up with his tent for shade.
Tayler, Ellie, Madison, Brevyn, Megan & Jace
Catching the candy

Brevyn swinging at grandmas.

After the park we all went to Burger Bar then back to our house & ate lunch, the boys played ball, took naps then headed back to grandmas for a bbq. After the bbq we walked up to the park to watch the fireworks.

This mask was passed around and i think everyone got their picture taken with it.

Daddy & son

Blue eyed Ellie

Poor brev was so tired, he slept right through the entire firework show

Jace with his glowing hat and stick. Every time i tell him to pull a funny face, this is what i get...which is fine cause i love it.

Tayler and shalise pulling funny faces

Watching the fireworks

After the fireworks, we walked back down to my mom's and had our own firework show by my brother. Thanks c.j.

We had a few of the aerials, which were awesome.

Then it was to grandmas backyard we went to roast mellows.

mmmmmmm.... smores!!!

It was a late night, but it was totally worth it. The 4Th is one of my favorite holidays i look forward to it every year. From picking out the kids outfits, the parade, seeing old friends, food & fun. But my favorite part is being with my siblings:)

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Mindy said...

his funny face is toooo cute!! gotta love that kid.