Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heart Camp (Camp Hawkins)

This year i found out about a camp that was started last year, it's called Camp Hawkins a camp for heart kids and their siblings. It was named after Dr. Hawkins that did Megan's open heart surgery when she was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was able to attend last years camp but sadly he passed away a month before this years camp. There is a day camp, or a 3 day camp and we decided to try it out by doing the day camp this year. They have Dr's on site and a huge staff which was amazing. The girls had a blast, and we will for sure be doing this every year.

It's in tooele and it started at 9a.m. so we had to leave pretty early, Dustin was so nice and drove us girls there then took bubba to lagoon and drove all the way back up to get us by 4p.m. It's held at Camp Wapiti the family who owns it lets them use it for free.

They started off by letting the girls make there own name badges. And put us in our group we were the "Crazy Daisies".
Then they sent us to the playground until registration was done at ten.

If you know my girls you know they can make a friend anywhere, and very fast. They had made friends with all the girls in our group before we got started.

This was our group of girls with their 2 leaders, Tricia & Meig, they were so awesome.

They rotated us to different activities every hour, the first was a super fun game called park ranger. A few people stand in the middle and they are the park rangers then the people on both sides run and try not to get tagged by the park rangers(who have to stand still but can reach out their arms) then the last person touched wins.

Then they Tye dyed shirts, which the girls absolutely loved. the shirts turned out super cute & i haven't taken a finished product picture yet. OOOPS!

Then it was lunch time. Mac & cheese, hot dogs & watermelon.Then it was the girls favorite hour of all, swimming.

All the girls had a blast playing with everyone.

Then it was more games. Another fun game ill have to remember to play next time with a big group.

The girls thought it was neat they had treats and drinks with there names on them.

Our last rotation they made their own trail mix.

They gave the girls a bag when they left, it had a t shirt, cookies, crackers, treats & drinks. They got spoiled, treated like princesses.

They have a heart camp for families in August which we hope to be attending.


Nutts & Honey said...

Kaycee I love your girls they are so dang cute. That is so awesome for them to do every year. Post more I love it when you do.

Sherice said...

How fun! I loved all of the activities they did~ very special:) Your girls are darling!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

That's so neat they do a camp like that! So glad you guys were able to go and have fun! You're a great mom Kaycee! Thanks so much for coming to our baptism! You're a great friend! We still need to do a GNO. Maybe pedicures or dessert? :)

Mindy said...

what a fun day!! such cute pics of your girls too. love them!