Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Every memorial day we go visit our loved ones who have passed. I have been very blessed and only lost great grandparents and my sweet step grandpa. My kids love visiting their graves we have done it since the kids were little and i hope they keep it up as they get older. We visited Grandpa Thompson's grave.
We visited Great Grandma & Grandpa Dances grave

Great Grandma & Grandpa Murray's graves

But this year their happened to be two new graves next to the ones we were visiting, that were not there last year. It hit a little too close to home because both of them were my kids ages. They were both the cutest grave stones i had ever seen.

I feel SUPER blessed to have all my children, siblings, parents and most of my grandparents all still alive. Today at church i found out that a family that i really look up to has just found out that their 3 year old grandson has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer . I wish the best to this sweet family. I love my family so very much, and i am so grateful for Eternal Families.


Sherice said...

What a great way to spend your Memorial Day, and to teach your kids what it's really all about:) That is something I haven't really instilled in my kids~ thanks for your example. I hate hearing of little ones fighting cancer, and hope they have caught it in time. You are such a great mom, and have such a darling family.

Total bummer about the broken arm:(
Hope it heals quickly, and she can still enjoy her summer!

Shayla Edwards said...

Oh no! We were not at our ward yesterday! You will have to let me know what family you are talking about! That is so sad. It really is heart breaking to hear about cancer, especially for children! And those graves, are so cute, and so sad at the same time!