Sunday, May 29, 2011

She's back

About this time of year for the last 3 years a little mama bird builds a nest above our front door, she builds it in my garland that goes around the door. It might have something to do with the lights that are in the garland, maybe it helps keep the baby eggs warm:)

I think it's amazing how the mama bird builds the nest with her little beak, i actually saw her build it this year. She would leave for awhile then come back with a mouth full of stuff and build away.

If you come to my house look out because she almost takes my head off as she flies away every time i walk up to the door.
These pictures are kinda blurry cause it's kinda high up there, i just lift my hand up as high as i can and snap a shot.
First there was one.

Then two.

Then four.

Hopefully this year the neighborhood cat won't get them, last year the cat jumped up and knocked the eggs down:(

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