Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Party Party Party!!!!

The girls chose to have a Black & Pink Zebra party this year.

They had a friend party on Friday after school and our family came over for a BBQ on Saturday night.

They wanted Just Dance 2 and Just Dance for kids

I needed a zebra for our pin the tail on the Zebra game, and check out this cute zebra my husband drew for me. I never knew i was married to an artist:)

Party favors: candy,bracelets, zebra tattoos

Me and jace decorated the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk for the girls. When they got off the bus and saw it they were so excited.

The girls concentrating on making their gumball bracelets

All the girls sang heavy heavy hangover my poor head what do you wish with a bump on your head. Then smacked them with the gift lol.

Later that night i had to run to the store and when i got home i saw this, all their gifts lined up on the floor and they were sound asleep. Two happy girls!!

Saturday we had family over for a BBQ.

This is Tayler's excited face when she saw that grandma margee had given her 5 bucks in her card.

I really do have the best family :)

The girls got spoiled darling swimsuits, toys, clothes, money, books etc.

We missed the dance family:(

The girls got to choose anywhere they wanted for dinner, and out of all places they chose subway. What good girls i have haha, cause that's not where i would have chosen to eat on my birthday.


Mindy said...

such a cute party! i love how cute and excited they were for everything.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!! Kaycee~ you did awesome with all the birthday stuff! You're amazingly talented!!

We need to get together for another GNO or GDO. Maybe we could even just go up to Farr's in Clinton and get some ice cream. How does your week look next week? :)

Sherice said...

What a darling party~ I love all of the fun zebra! Your girls are so adorable, and you are one cute momma!

hoLLY said...

such a cute party! looks like they had a blast!!