Friday, May 20, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Well last Sunday after church we headed up to paradise, logan to visit dustin's mom. She had to have back surgery may 8, again after just having it done weeks prior due to some problems. She is such a strong women and i totally look up to her, she wanted to get up and pick up her grand kids and hug them and kiss them. She did sneak in a couple hugs but for the most part we tried to make her stay in bed. The kids love it up at grandmas house, they love the horses in the back. So that is where the kids spent most of the time. They also love grandmas porch swing

The kids got the biggest kick out of the mirror on grandmas bed, i caught them making face's.

We love going up to visit grandma, we hate that it's not that often but it can be hard to find time when dustin is home so that we can go as a family. We love you grandma Fran!!

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