Saturday, June 11, 2011

They have arrived!

One day they look like this...The next day they looked like this.
Kinda weird looking if you ask me, kinda freaks out the kids lol.
They are kinda see through

Their eyes have not opened yet. Mommy bird finds worms in the grass chews it up and feeds them. Really neat to watch. Darn neighbors cat keeps trying to get them, we have to keep scaring the cat away.


Ash said...

Oh my gosh! Those pictures are sooo freaking cute!!! Welcome to the world little birdies. :)

Pamla Barrett said...

I can't believe Mommy bird lets you get that close! Keep that stupid cat away! Chad and I uncovered a nest at his parents house on accident trimming bushes. It has 4 little birds in it too but they are a little bigger and it's up by the roof so I'm hoping no cats get them or the wind since the bush is gone now! :) Love watching them grow up through your pics...keep em coming.

hoLLY said...

oh how sweet!!