Monday, June 6, 2011

First day of summer starts with hospital visit.

Last Wednesday before t-ball practice started the girls were playing at the park and tayler fell off the playground, she came running to me crying holding her arm. Some lady said i heard a snap from here, so we left Megan at practice with a neighbor took jace to aunt Kari's and off we went to the Doctor. Well we got there and they did an xray and said yep it's broke. They said we think you need to see a pediatric surgeon because it's a pretty bad break close to her joint, well they pulled her xray from 2 years ago from her other hand and it was the exact same break. Well the Dr, said come back Monday (5 days later) and we will xray it again and go from there.

Well we went back today, they had her hot pink & black cast ready to wrap on her and took her for a quick xray. Well the xray tec. had me sign some paper releasing the xrays to me to take to the pediatric surgeon. They said the bone has shifted a bit, i couldn't even see the break in the first xray and today i could see it really good. So after a few tears from tayler, sad about not getting her cast on and knowing she has to go to another Dr. we headed to get bubba from my friends house and headed up to Mckay Dee to see the pediatric surgeon.

After he looked at the xrays & her arm for a few minutes he said he was just going to cast it, NO SURGERY!!! yeah:) So she got her PiNk & BlAcK cast on after all.

Tayler the day she broke her arm

The bone she broke is right before her elbow, you can see it sticking out a bit.
Today before her cast

Jace & Megan thought it was funny while the dr. was putting taylers cast on to put on taylers old wrap. You should have seen the looks i got from everyone leaving the hospital.

Tayler with her Hot Pink and Black Cast on.

This is this girls 3rd broken arm in 2 years and hopefully her last.


Shayla Edwards said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! For her, and you! Ha ha. Definitely makes things difficult!

Pamla Barrett said...

I can't believe how many times she has broken her arm! At least she has that awesome cast! LOVE the hot pink... :) If you ever need anyone to watch your kids short notice or not you can always call me. I'm here for you!

Mindy said...

ouch! i feel it for everyone all around! but it is dang cute.. :)