Friday, July 2, 2010

Game day @ the Library

Wednesday morning Tayler asked if we could go to the library, so off we went.
Every Wednesday they have a theme and they read books & do crafts that have to do with that thing.
The theme was Games, so the teacher read books about games and she blew bubbles and we played with the parachute and colored pictures of sports. All the kids loved it, especially Jace because he loves anything that has to do with balls. Blurry picture of Jace & Tayler.
Did i mention my camera is broke so i have to use my Ghetto old camera:(

Jace was so cute, he kept saying again after every time.
We are so grateful to have a library so close, they always have such fun things to do. Tayler loves to read and we were able to get lots of books. Can't wait for next time:)

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