Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun @ the cabin

Last week on our anniversary we headed up to my grandma & grandpas & Aunt & uncles cabin in Blackfoot Idaho for a family reunion.
We had a blast & already can't wait to go back.
K i had to start of this post with this darling picture jace had so much fun driving the boat with uncle curtis.
The kids had so much fun four wheeling, wave running & boating.

Check out my 79 year old grandpa wave running he was riding around having a blast.

He has not let age stop him at all he is still the same grandpa i remember growing up, he does everything and doesn't stop.

Brevyn just chilling

My aunt filled up a bunch of water balloons and we had a water fight, the kids thought it was so funny.

My dad running after meg.

Jace with uncle Curtis

C.j & taking the girls for a ride.

Aunt Kari taking bubba for a wave runner ride.

Jace w/ cousin Jake. Jace loves Jake he follows him everywhere.

Tayler, Leah, Madi & meg.

My cute brother & sis in law:)

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Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

How fun! That's so cool that you and your family are so close. I can't believe how old Clint is. Darling kiddos! :)