Monday, April 19, 2010


Jace got tubes put in this morning. I woke him up @ 6 a.m. to head out, he was so happy this morning all up to the point the nurse came in to take him from me to take him back.

I could here him crying as they walked down the hallway:) it was a way fast procedure, as it was with my girls. But i was dreading him coming out of the anesthesia he screamed for like a half an hour straight, kinda with this weird look in his eyes like he didn't know me. I was happy to see him happy again once he was home in daddy's arms. Well dustin was nice and let me go back to bed for awhile since i was not feeling so good and took the kids on a walk, well this is what happened on there fun walk.
I guess Jace was riding his bike kinda fast and sister jumped off her scooter to look at something and jace ran right into the scooter & it flipped him over, his poor ear:(

My husband thought it would be funny to come home and wake me up telling me he didn't know what was wrong with his ear saying it just started getting blue. I freaked thinking it was from this morning from getting the tubes put in, i said oh my gosh let me call the Dr. he laughed and said I'm kidding he fell and got hurt. ( Not funny he got hurt, but that i thought it was from the Dr.)
Poor Jace what a day.


Lindsay said...

Oh, poor little guy. That sounds like something my hubby would do to me, he's a joker! Jace is a tough little guy.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

So sad! Poor Jace! How's he doing? That's cute he's a daddy's boy. Tre's turning more that way too. Way cute but makes you sad sometimes too, huh?! :)

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Poor Jace...what a day! I'm glad that everything went well with his tubes. We miss seeing you guys on our walks :(