Thursday, April 1, 2010

He's here:)

My sweet little nephew is here. My baby sister is now a mommy, i am so proud of her she did so awesome today. I was so privileged to be able to experience this little miracle enter this world.
Brevyn Edward Dye
7lb. 12oz. 20.5 in.
12:08 p.m
April 1, 2010 I almost missed the birth. It all started yesterday karly got checked in and all hooked up about 8p.m me and kari got there at about 10:30p.m to hang out what we thought would be for the entire night and she would have him early in the a.m. well after about an hour the nurse told us she didn't think she would have him until the next night at ike 9 or 10 p.m. so at about 12:30 we headed home. Well we kept in contact through the night and got a text in the morning that she was only about a 2 so i slowly started getting the girls ready for school and thought i would just get them to school @ 12:30 then take Jace to a sitter and head up there, well i was wrong kari called me at about 11:15 saying that she had went from a 5 to a 10 fast and to get up there. I hurry and did the girls hair found a neighbor to take the girls for me and meet my step dad at the hospital to watch jace. I don't think i have ever speed so fast( safley of course) :) my poor son probably thought i was a crazy women yelling at every car in front of me, and every red light that i got stopped at. Meanwhile kari is calling me saying " where are you" im freaking out trying to hurry. Her dr. was not there yet and that is the only reason she had not had him, she was waiting for the dr. so she could start pushing. Well her Dr. karen got there, whom i love she is also my doctor and kari's Dr. :) and karly was able to start pushing and about 3 to 4 pushes he was here. And i am so happy i was able to be there, thanks karly and nate for letting me experience that with you guys, love you both. Proud grandpa Kelson

Brevyn not so happy he had to be checked out by the nicu staff ,they thought he may have swallowed some of his stool during birth.

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