Friday, April 2, 2010

My baby is "2"

My baby is "2" Two years have gone by so dang fast.
I can' t believe it was two years ago that Jace was born, he is the best baby i could have ever asked for. He is always so happy:)
I always said i will have him off his Binky by the time he is 2, well it's been 2 days straight.
My big blue eyed baby boy
Daddy's little Jazz fan
First birthday
Hanging out @ Wolff Creek
Playing with sister's
Enjoying the San Diego Beach
Saying Cheese
Happy birthday Bubba!!
We love you very much, we are so happy we have you in our life's.


Rachel said...

Oh i love the pictures, he is so handsome!! After a few weeks he'll forget all about the binky!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Happy Birthday Jace!!!!

Mindy said...

Happy birthday boy!! He's so dang cute..