Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jace's 2 year check up

So i took Jace to his 2 year check up last week.
He is doing very good, he has been Binky free for going on two weeks:) I cut the tip off and gave it to him and that was it, he said ooooh and threw it didn't go to bed with one that night & has not had one since. It was hard for me i think i just kept putting it off because i felt like he would not be my baby anymore:) Jace is starting to get interested in the toilet he has big boy underwear and loves to wear them, even though they don't stay dry long. I don't know if i want to try that just yet maybe after summer. Jace saying CHEESE
The hand sanitizer above Jace was one of those automatic ones, i think Jace put it on like 10 times lol.
I had prepped myself to have a sad boy after shots but quickly the Dr. informed me no shots today:) I forgot they don't do 2 year shots, so until next year no shots YEAH!!!

~~~~~Jace's stats~~~~

Weight: 29lb. (we think, i had to hold him and they had to weigh us both then weigh just me lol.
Head circ: 19.6


Mindy said...

So fun! No shot visits are AWESOME!! I wish that Pey grew as disinterested in her bink.. (sigh)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

What a cutie! That's great he's already showing interest in potty training! We were excited to find that there were not shots at the 2 year appt. too! :)