Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I think he liked it

The other day i made a yummy new recipe and it's easy to say that i think he liked it. lol.

I love this little kid so much, he is so much fun. Jace is growing up way to fast in two short months he will be 2. CRAZY!!
He LoVeS his blanket.
Jace has done & said so many new things lately.
New words.. sissy's, yo yo, oh gosh, Ellen, shoes, socks,cars, NO(all the time),toast, wa- wa (waffle).
Jace loves his sisters, he gets sad when we drop them off at school and is so excited when they get off the bus. He wants to do EVERYTHING that they do.
Jace loves to dance especially to the Ellen show, play with his basketball hoop, playing with his cars, and when his sisters dress him up lol.
Jace's favorite foods right now are.. Bananas, fruit snacks, cereal, toast, waffles.


Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Those pictures are priceless! What a cutie! We should for sure get Tre and Jace together. I bet they'd have a ball. And we still need to do our GNO... :)

Lindsay said...

I love that first pic with the crazy eyes and messy face. He is so cute. Boys are so fun!