Monday, March 11, 2013

Cancun Mexico 2013

 Dustin worked his butt off and won a trip to Cancun Mexico. He works so hard and does everything to win us all these luxurious trips.

 These pictures uploaded backwards, so it starts at the end of our trip:)
These pictures were from the last night, at the awards ceremony. They served us a wonderful meal, and a grat show.

 Dustin with his award and new watch.

 They started the night outside on the beach, serving us drinks. then we headed inside for everything else.

 Hung out with a bunch of amazing ladies. Kristin, shay & tausha, kinda funny cause my mom used to babysit shay when we were little so we have lots of pictures of us together.

 Room service was open 24 hours a day and everything was unlimited.
 There was a hamock on our patio

 We took a walk to the local mall. Not like the malls from back home:)

 I wanted to buy this shirt .

 Chilling in the hotel lobby
 Blue Sacred Cenote. Cliff jumping.
 Dustin and his body gaurds lol. Dave & Julio

 Hanging on our tour bus, we had an entire tour bus for only the 15 of us.

 This was the only diet coke that tasted the closest to the ones back home. Their diet coke did not taste the same as back home.

 Our tour to Chichen Itza ( chicken pizza) as our tour guide called it. It was his very first english speaking tour guide and he did so good, he was a sweat guy and knew a lot about his culture.

 Our tour group

 There was a little boy in the window of this house that was waving to us. This was his house, and the entire town was so small. Carlos our tour guide said this town was one of the happiest towns. That most everyone worked in their homes, making items to sell.

 Our Hotel the Royal Cancun

 Dustin got fried the very first day, AGAIN!!!
 Every night before we got back to our room they had came in and turned down our bed and put out our robes, rose pedals, and chocolate and lit the candles by the tub.
 There was a spa at the hotel, it was very relaxing. You first went into the sauna, then the wet sauna then went into a hot tub then the hotter hot tub, then jump into a freezing cold tub -15
 Kinda cool to see bananas growing on the trees at the hotel

 Our fridge was fully stocked, they would reload every morning. The other little pull out drawer was the liquor witch we did not need:)

 Kinda funny that in the middle of the head board there was a window into the shower.
 The lobby was beautiful!
 They had this up on the screen when we arrived.
I didn't get a very good picture but this guy asked dustin if he could buy his Nike hat from him, dustin said no. Then the guy said i really like your shoes lol. When we were leaving dustin gave the guy his Nike hat, you can see him by the sign wearing it. He was so hapy and kept saying thank you..
This was a very fun trip, i enjoy hanging with him alone evey once in awhile:) They said they are doing Hawaii again next year, so hopefully we get to go again:) 


Shayla Edwards said...

Shut up.. SOOO Jealous. I think my hubby needs a job with Dustin. Hook us up ;) So happy for you, glad you had fun!

(me) Ashes said...

You deserved that trip too! You've worked your butt off this year!:) Looks like so much fun! One day I'll make it to Cancun for now I'll just enjoy others fun pics. Like headboards with windows to the shower. Awkward!

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